Outlook 2011 How to Remove or Edit Addresses for AutoComplete

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Outlook 2011, like Entourage before it, keeps track of email addresses that you’ve recently sent messages to. Outlook can run into some problems with this, where the auto-fill will display addresses with your name but someone else’s address. Here are few steps to quickly fix this issue…

step 1:
Start/Create new message and start typing the address to be edited or to be removed. then select it.

Then right click on it and select “Open Outlook Contact”

Once Outlook Contacts opens up, you will have few options just delete it using the obvious delete “X” option on the top menu

Or by selecting the address field. Once the address field is selected a “-” icon indicating a delete option will show up. So just click on it and remove the individual email or web address for the contact.

Or with this second option you’ll be able to just edit the contact addresses. If the intention is just to correct something that Outlook mix-up just make the necessary changes and make sure you click “Save & Close” at end.

Enjoy it and have a great day…. feed and comments are always welcome….

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