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Technology Assessment and Planning Services
URimagination will work with you to evaluate the state of your current technology systems and services to create the strategic technology plan. This allows you to focus more time on your business and to be confident that you have identified the best technology solution to help you get where you want to go.

  • Technology Plan
  • Architecture Design/Solution Selection
  • Implementation Plan
  • Technology Budget

Managed Hosting, Monitoring and Support Database Services
URimagination, a group of highly qualified, dedicated and motivated professionals, offers services to enhance performance of your Oracle based applications at quite a low cost. Our emphasis is to provide remote database services and thereafter remote database monitoring of your business program. We provide competent services in Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS SQL Server with full dedication and commitment to the task, which results in top quality and money saving solutions. URi provides guaranteed high availability of remote dba services for your critical databases.

  • Data Center Management (Secure Networks, Server Virtualization, Cloud Computing)
  • Maximum Availability Architecture
  • Secure Remote and onsite DB support
  • Database Design, Tuning, Data Security and Storage
  • Database Design and development for an anti-money laundering system
  • 24/7 365 days Database Monitoring & Support
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation, and Backup Strategies
  • Data Migration

Software/Application Development

URimagination builds web applications for all types of businesses and offers a wide variety of software solutions. Our services include developing new applications, customizing and optimizing existing applications, migrating from legacy applications, web-enabling existing applications, and maintaining applications. We have experience with multiple programming languages, leading technologies, and expertise in developing secure, robust, scalable applications. URimagination provides services that will help your business grow and develop rapidly.

  • Company Websites
  • Intranet Employee Websites
  • Web Portals
  • Work-flow Systems for Business Processes
  • Content Management Systems


We can provide end-to-end eCommerce solutions for any product or service you are selling. URimagination will design and development an entire ecommerce website which incorporates a database of products, product information, product search capabilities, order processing, and fully customized, secure payment systems that your customers can be confident in. We use the latest technology so that your customer’s information is safe.

  • Online Store and Marketplaces
  • Custom Online Shopping Cart Solutions
  • Order Management and Online Payments (Credit Card Processing)
  • Online Product, Category, and Catalog Management

Mobile Application Development

Through our mobile programming services we work with you to develop iPhone applications, Java based mobile applications, and Windows based mobile applications. Our solutions are built and tested to work seamlessly between PDA’s, Cell Phones, iPhones, Blackberries, and Smart Phones, creating a convenient offering and extending your market reach. URimagination develops mobile apps, mobile Web sites, SMS services, landing pages, location-based services, video, audio, and much more.

  • iPhone Development
  • iPad Development
  • Tablets Development
  • BlackBerry Development
  • Google Android Development
  • Windows Mobile Development

Search Engine Optimization Services

It’s not enough to simply build a beautiful website to promote the products or services of your company on the web, your business needs exposure and as much traffic as possible. URimagination offers search optimization services to help your business achieve more targeted web traffic, generate qualified leads, increase sales and improve brand recognition. We concentrate on identifying and using the right keywords and optimizing content that supports those keywords to achieve higher rankings in major search engines on the Internet.

  • Keywords Analysis and Research
  • Optimizing Web Pages
  • Link Building
  • Analysis
  • Analysis and Reporting

Web Hosting & Security and Support Services
If you have invested your time and money to design a website you need dependable web hosting services to remain profitable. You need it to be up, 24/7, unlike your company’s physical front door customers will come to your website at any hour, day or night and you’ve got to be ready for them. We help businesses to manage the infrastructure, security, support and maintenance of a mission critical website.

  • Data Center Management (Secure Networks, Server Virtualization, Cloud Computing)
  • Website/eBusiness Security Services
  • Website Performance Tuning Services (Speed Optimization)
  • Database Design, Tuning, Data Security and Storage
  • Database Design and development for an anti-money laundering system
  • 24/7 365 days Website Monitoring & Support
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Planning