Communications Specialist

Communications Specialist

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Basic responsibilities:
The Communications Specialist shall establish and maintain a line of communication with regional systems coordinators, business owners, super-users, and users by which to coordinate the delivery of new products and services and to explain the system functionality and capabilities. The Communications Specialist shall provide a comprehensive plan for customer communications in all contingencies. The plan shall include information such required lead times for routine communications tied to Change Advisory Board process and require useful information such as a clear definition of affected services or an explanation of benefits (as applicable).

In addition the Communications Specialist shall establish and maintain communications plan with the customer to ensure:

Specific Trouble Ticket Information

The Communications Specialist shall develop documentation:
• For Service Level Agreement and their tracking.
• To establish communication standards an estimated time of resolution within the Service Level Agreement established time period if there is not a successful resolution upon completion of the first call.
• To establish level of satisfaction and to capture specific customer comments before closing a trouble ticket with the status of “successful”.
• To monitor, manage and make available all active trouble ticket status information.
• Establishing standards for archiving service desk status and trouble ticket tracking information for the duration of the contract.
• Establishing standards to collect, monitor, manage and make available in a readily accessible and easy to use manner recommendations for improvement to all customers
• To ensure that system wide performance as measured against established metrics and SLAs shall be made available enterprise wide”

Enterprise Information

The Communications Specialist shall:
• Develop, implement and maintain the capability to monitor and display information critical to the customer including system outages, applications issues and network performance.
• Establish documentation to monitor, manage and make available in readily accessible and easy to use manner service desk information to all customers

The Communication Specialist will:
• Develop Enterprise Communications Products
• Develop communications products including white papers, flyers and web page articles describing key elements of Client services
• Monitor Impacts on Organizational Behavior
o Monitor the impacts on organizational behavior relating to implementation of new services and performance of existing services. Includes measuring, analyzing and developing recommendations
o Develop, provide and support the delivery of communications products during the transition to the client
• Organizational Communications
o Propose mechanisms and methods for the management of enterprise communications utilizing the results of Customer Communications in improving operations
o Implement approved mechanisms and methods
o Monitor and display analysis results showing the impact of the mechanisms and methods
o Integrate emerging technologies into communications mechanisms and methods

• 4-5 years experience in Corporate Communication in IT Business Environment
• Good interpersonal skills and the ability to interact positively with clients.
• Good written and verbal communication skills
• Good presentation capabilities

• Bachelor’s degree or higher
• Possession of an ITIL certificate is an advantage.
• Relevant certifications in the field is desired

Experience having accomplished the following:
• Establish System Interface related documentation
• Establish documentation standards for release notes and notification.
• Develop customer communication documentation at the project level
• Maintain web site related documentation and establish standards for the same
• Develop stakeholder related communication documents.

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