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At URimagination, we know that success involves a lot more than just being competent in a specific language or technology.

Our success comes from thorough analysis, pervasive usability, behavior-driven design, a test-driven development process, passionate and committed people, and strong experience spanning many disciplines within technology.

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How to Restore Backed Up Data HTC Desire

After you do an update or perform a hard reset on your phone, then when the phone restarted, there will be a prompt message asking you if you want to restore the backed up data or not.

To restore the data that you have backed up on the storage card, do the following:

1. After restarting your phone, wait for a while.

2. The Restore my data and settings dialog box will appear. You should tap on OK.

Now wait until your data are restored.

Three Levels of Backups:

1. SMS Backup & Restore will, um, back up and restore your text messages. It’s fast and free, and allows you to store several sets of backups. I used this before I got Titanium.
2. Titanium Backup will back up all or individual apps, settings, data, and system settings, and can make selective restores. To do so, it does require root. If you donate, it will unlock a scheduled backup feature so you’ll always have fresh backups, and one-click restore. You can also “freeze” apps, which completely hides un-uninstallable apps (say, Facebook) from the OS without breaking anything. I use Titanium all the time.
3. Nandroid (old description) is a recovery tool (at boot time, not a regular Android app) that will make complete backups of your entire storage, and can make a complete restore after any kind of incident — even a failed firmware upgrade. The bad news is that it only deals with complete backups/restores, and that you need to install a special recovery boot on your phone. I use Nandroid whenever I’m about to play with ROMs.

URimagination Services

Technology Assessment and Planning


URi will work with you to evaluate the state of your current technology systems and services to create the strategic technology plan. This allows you to focus more time on your business and to be confident that you have identified the best technology solution to help you get where you want to go.

Global and National Security Strategies


URi is working around the clock with key Government Agencies and many other organizations through out the world to develop the best and most effective strategies against the latest threats arising from common terror and cyber terrorism any-where in the world.

Private Cloud, Security and Support


URi helps many government agencies and major corporations to manage and operate the complexity of the infrastructure of their private cloud environments. Private clouds offer the power, efficiency, and features of a public cloud, with the security, control, and performance of a dedicated environment.