Minority SBA SDB MBE 8a Status

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Minority SDB 8(a) MBE Status
Federal legislation has created a group designated minority small disadvantaged business that is afforded exclusive contract preferences. Minority disadvantage are among poorest and most under-employed groups in America. U.S. Government has taken a number of steps to help promote self-sufficiency in this population. One of its most successful initiatives has been including these Minority Disadvantaged American groups in the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program as “socially and economically disadvantaged”

Small Business Administration Small Classification
The Small Business Administration has established Small Classifications, for which prime contractors can subcontract to

  • URimagination and receive small business and small disadvantaged business (SDB) credit for life of contract without consideration of prime contract’s NAICS code or size standard
  • When one or more subcontractors are in the subcontract tier between the prime contractor and URimagination, the prime contractor can still count our subcontract revenue towards achieving the contract’s small business and SDB subcontracting goals.

Benefits of Using SDB American Minority Owned Company

  • Small Disadvantaged Business credit
  • Minority American sole sourcing is valid contract mechanism
  • Sole-source award cannot be protested
  • A4 – SBA Certified Small Disadvantaged Business
  • A6 – SBA Certified 8A Program Participant, procurements can be 8(a) sole-sourced
  • SDB Minority 8(a) status makes possible a long term, sole-source partnership
  • Sole-source set aside contracts have no minimum dollar limitation
  • Minority SDB Small Classification
  • Rebates to prime contractor may be available on Department of Defense and Other Agencies
  • Minority SDB can own multiple 8(a) certified companies and each company can use past performance from the other companies

Benefits of Using URi
URi is a dynamic enterprise excelling in both Government prime contractor and subcontractor roles such as experienced core management team, competitive and realistic indirect rates, comprehensive compensation package, access to many capable resources, DCAA audited and approved proposal rates, government approved business management systems. Our line of services include but not necessarily limited to:

  • Test and Evaluation Support

  • Contract Management & Acquisition Support

  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation Services
  • Business Process Design, Re-engineering & Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Services

  • Technology Transition Planning Services
  • Technology Assessment, Budget, Planning and Implementation
  • Architecture Design/Solution Selection
  • Mobile Development (Android, BlackBerry Devices; iPhone, Tables)

  • Data Center Management (Secure Networks, Server Virtualization, Cloud Computing)

  • Website/eBusiness Security Services; Company, Intranet Employee Websites
  • Website Performance Tuning Services (Speed Optimization SEO)

  • Database Design, Tuning, Data Security, Storage and Backup
  • Database Design and Development for an anti-money laundering system
  • 24/7 365 days Website Monitoring & Support
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Planning
  • Work-flow Systems for Business Processes
  • Network Assessments and LAN/WAN Support
  • Strategic Planning, Network Design, Security for Spam Virus Firewalls

URimagination is a high quality cost competitive small disadvantaged business. Prime contractor can subcontract to URi and receive SB/SDB credit for contract life without consideration of prime contract’s NAICS code or size standard. Further more, Prime contractor can count URi’s revenue toward SB and SDB goals regardless of subcontract tier level of URi’s support and, Government can sole source set-aside contracts to URi with no dollar limitation.