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URimagination is Seeking Potential Teaming Partners for Federal, State, and Local Contracts

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URimagination, Inc. (URi) provides CONSULTING, TECHNOLOGY Specializing in Datacenter management, Data online transaction processing, Data warehousing, management, Business intelligence, Backing-up, Recovering, Migration, and Replication services to Commercial Clients and it’s looking to penetrate the Federal, State clients. Details on our capabilities please visit our site main or our services page

URi is interested in strategically teaming with capable and experienced Prime contractors firms to respond to the RFPs for which we fill our expertise are a great fit. We are aiming to be the in sub many RFPs and looking for Prime contractors to partner us and collaborate in responding accurately and timely to all qualified RFP for several agencies such as NSA, CSS, DISA, CIA, DHS, DOD, IRS, ARMY, NAVY, etc. using any of our certification programs or contract vehicles such as:

GSA contract, SBA SDB 8a, federal state and local MBE, NMSDC and NYNJMSDC certified
Full list and details at:

I invite you to check several bids URi has been invited to bid.
Solicitation Number: W91CRB-11-R-0007 Notice Type: Pre-solicitation Synopsis: Added: Feb 04, 2011 10:44 am
The US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Contracting Center intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) W91CRB-11-R-0007 for Investigative Support Services…. The Maximum $48,000,000.00, full details, please visit:

Solicitation Number: W900KK-12-C-0044 Notice Type: Sources Sought Synopsis: Added: Nov 15, 2011 8:07 am GENERAL REQUIREMENT INFORMATON: Provide U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, …The period of performance will be a 12-month base period with four (4) one-year options. The total period of performance will not exceed 60 months. TOTAL ESTIMATED DOLLAR VALUE: $10,000,000.00 (including Options)

If interested in teaming, please send reply with the contact person details and or advise on your firm’ teaming up process. I will follow up with via email with all the details and my firm’s requirements as well. If you don’t have access to the portal or cannot open the link pleases reply with short message and I’ll send you the RFP including attachments.

I will provide other qualifying RFPs for teaming opportunities and can meet you in person if you happen to be in any of the upcoming procurement event in the DC and NYC area. Due to the short timing for most RFP responses need to be done expedite so we will be looking to finalize all teaming arrangements within short period of time.

Alf Baez
URimagination, Inc.
NYS/NYC MWBE, SDB, MO, 8(a) Certified Firm
GSA 70 [GS-35F-0194X]
Off: 212-729-9558 Fx: 877-210-4269
18 East 41st Street, Suite 1703 New York, NY 10017