Adwords By Google

Free AdWords By URimagination

For any consultation during the winter holidays we will offer for FREE a $100 Adwords Voucher (campaign starts at 15 December 2011 and will end 15 January 2012)

If you are already a URimagination customer, or if you have purchased a service before, don’t worry, we have a voucher for you as well.

To claim it, just contact us by email at or by phone 212 – 729 – 9558 and include your name and your email (that one used to make the purchase) and we will email you the voucher in less than 24 hours.


  • This voucher can be used only with new Adwords accounts.
  • We offer only one voucher per customer.
  • Each voucher is valid for a period of 1 year.

What is Google Adwords?
Google Adwords is the internet’s most popular advertising solution. Google, the world’s largest search engine, started Google Adwords in order to give business & web site owners and opportunity to purchase advertising on Google’s massive network. You may use your free Google adwords credits to purchase: local, national, and international ads on the Google network.

Google Ads are literally displayed all over the web and almost every successful online business has purchased Adwords advertising credits at one time or another. If you are looking to earn a profit online or need maximum exposure for your web site we would recommend a Google Adwords account. Visit for more information.