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At URimagination, partners are essential to providing clients the best software solutions and infrastructure web hosting services. Partners play an important role in our success and represent a strategic component of URimagination’s long-term business plan. We have partnered with industry leading companies to offer comprehensive technology solutions to our clients, allowing them to optimize their software applications and infrastructure efforts, improve their competitive position and to focus on their core competencies.

Strategic alliances and partnerships align us with other top companies to deliver new solutions and services to a growing, demanding marketplace. URimagination’s approach is to combine our core strength the delivery of best in class web and mobile application development & hosting services and eCommerce solutions with the strengths of other industry leaders to deliver solutions faster and easier to customers with less incremental investment.

In today’s world it’s difficult for one company to provide a truly complete solution by itself but a diverse set of solutions can be combined into a cohesive product and service offering with partnerships and integration.

Why partner with URimagination?

  • Build additional revenue through referral arrangements
  • Offer clients access to complementary service offerings as an addition to your own
  • Expand business into new areas
  • Wider reach of your services and solutions
  • Leveraging our capabilities by integrating services with yours enhancing your market competitiveness
  • Access to our skills set and solutions expertise
  • Enhance your market competitiveness by offering URimagination services and focusing on your core competencies

If you are interested in becoming a URimagination Partner, please contact us. Our contact information can be found on our Contact Page.

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